Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Slow start...

     I had to dig through an old external hard drive to (finally) locate the old files to this blog. There are still some glitches, but it's a start. I've missed blogging, although I really had a dry spell on what to blog about for quite a long time. I just didn't have anything that was worth posting- or rather, that I felt anyone would find interest in reading. Even now, I will probably have more personal rather than anything geological to post. At least for a bit. I've located some very interesting rock formations on the outskirts of our neighbourhood and managed to get a few samples while it was cold outside. I can imagine it is snake central in the summer- looks like the area could host one heck of a den.

     My youngest son was finally able to get into hockey since we live pretty close to a rink, so my days are varied between hockey and school at present. But the latter is pretty light ATM since I missed the cutoff date for fall registration at my college of choice, and hence I am just finishing up the last engineering physics class I will need. I'm so rusty in calculus that I am kicking myself for not taking the algebra based version, but then eventually I'd have to do the calculus based one anyways so may as well have bit the bullet now. It's actually quite an enjoyable class though, so I cannot complain too much about the effort I'd had to put forth in it.

     We acquired a new family member, a kitten I dubbed Darwin. He's a sweet cat, and has been a great addition to the family. We also have a veiled chameleon that is a little grumpy. I call her Helga, since it fits her disposition. She belongs to my youngest son, but I am quite partial to her for some reason.

     The only other new thing is that with our little guy into hockey, he kinda needs someone out there to pass the puck around with during S&P sessions, so I've bitten the bullet and ordered a pair of skates. It has been eons since I've played hockey, or skated for that matter, and this should prove to be an interesting endeavor. I've always loved playing the game though, and I should be thankful that he is getting me back out there again.

     Now that I've finally got this blog back up and in semi working order, I will start working on something geological to post about. Baby steps.. :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This and that.

     I hadn't been keeping up on my blog for a considerable amount of time, mainly due to not really having much to say. Most of anything I had to say just ended up being trite. I really do not know how prolific bloggers and twitter(er)s manage to do it. I'm not certain if I am admitting that I lead such a dull life that bore even myself, or that I just have nothing pertinent to discuss. Either way, it would appear I need to probably become more social. (Where do people find the time, really?).

     We have moved (yet again) to Texas, and I am told it will be for a long enough time that I should be able to finally graduate. Yea! However, these constant moves can really get on your nerves. It's almost impossible to have friends, as by the time you get your bearings you're on the move again. But it IS quite nice to be back in Texas again. While I miss hiking in Rainier park, I love the sun more! The excessive rain of the PNW was starting to really eat at me. 

     Besides all of that, I suppose I need to fix the mess of missing graphics on this blog at some point..but that's a task for another day. :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Druid, my beloved hound

It is with the deepest sorrow I am posting this, and while it is not geology relates, it does pertain to a huge part of my life… Druid, my beloved Irish Wolfhound. My best friend. Now, guardian of my heart. We had to let him go yesterday, but I do not want to dwell upon the end.
Instead, I want to share with you a blurb about my life with Druid. I didn't want to get too wordy, so I just snipped it up. He may have been a hound, but he had such a personality that we all joked that he was reincarnated into a hound. When he first met my eldest daughter, he was new to the family and still wary of strangers, but we let him out of the kitchen and he came around and hopped on her lap on the couch as if they were long lost friends. She was the ONLY one he would "peep" in on, pushing her door really slow and moving his head so his eyeball could be at an angle to see her. I cannot tell you how many times in the hall I caught him- and with a squeaky door, it was amazing how slow he had to push it to get it to open without her knowing!
We often joked about him doing that to her. We have soooo many funny stories from what Druid would do. He would actually GRIN at me when I said no, and move his head as if he was laughing. (He probably learned it from the kids.. lol:)
 He was my best friend when I had no friends due to moving so often, always there, loving and stable. I've lost my love, and it hurts. But he deserves for me to share a bit more than just what I am feeling. I would rather you know what life with my dear boy was like- he brought so much laughter, and while he could be a real butthead at times, it was the kind that makes you laugh in the end. It was amazing how smart he was. 
My Beastly Hurricane
Born shortly before the landfall of Hurricane Isabel in Sep 2003
Like a hurricane descending upon calm seas 
Came to us a perfect hound
So loud, so quirky, so goofy so funny
He frustrated, confounded and drove me to distraction
But his heart was made of gold

A peeping tom
Hating thunderstorms, seeking solace in bathtubs
Stomping feet, huffing, and peeing where he should not when irritated
Throwing his body around and groaning 
Like a petulant teenager

Lover of cats
Gentle as they come
We always warned "beware of the cat"
She attacks with stealth
The dog just don't pet
Lest you find yourself
Trapped up against a wall
As he leaned in demanding more scruffles
Always sleeping at my feet
Sometimes tripping me if I got up before noticing
My quiet protector at my side

Slept in Husband's spot while he was in Iraq
His head on the pillow next to mine
Filling the empty void
As if to tell me he would keep me safe
And indeed he did

Peed on the Friar at a RenFest
Escaped out front door
Scared all the walkers on the beach
I can still recall his wicked smile

Turf surfing, cussing, scuffed elbows be damned
I loved my boy despite his naughty actions
And there were many...
But I was not always his perfect catch either
Returning to school, alone for part of the days, he was upset
He forgave me and I forgave him
We loved each other
He adored his family
All he wanted was to be with us
He'd go with us anywhere

LOVED car rides
Four hour car rides...
Ten hour car rides...
We had to pull him out each time
He so wanted to continue to travel
And now he has traveled on without us
Taking my heart with him.

I was blessed to have had him in my life. He was such a big part of it I am not sure how I can ever answer the door now without him pushing his head through to see who it is. I am numb, my lips tingle, my heart feels like it is about to implode with grief. He was diagnosed with lymphoma, but I knew the day he quit eating it was the big C, I just didn't want to admit it. We were hoping he would make it until August 17th when our eldest daughter comes home from college for a visit, but was not to be and we had to do right by Druid. So yesterday we let him go to the bridge. He was the greatest dog ever, and will be missed by all of us. We were truly blessed to have had him in our lives for the time that we did. 
I'll miss you big guy. My heart will forever ache without you by my side.