Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Big Bang Theory

Wow, I do need a friend- I am blogging twice in one day. But I feel uncontrollably compelled to share my most favorite shopping destination. ThinkGeek.com. I love love love that store- if it were one I visited in person I would spend all day in that store. Last night I was watching my favorite show (The Big Bang Theory) and Leonard was wearing my favorite shirt! The ferrous wheel! Gawd I love that shirt. I found it at thinkgeek.com and couldn't be without it. It's a shirt with Fe+2 written on it in the form of a circle emulating a "ferrous wheel". You know, Ferris wheel? Eh.. husband didn't get it either. Now if you are a geo person reading this you will probably have already opened up thinkgeek.com in another browsing window right now to order yourself one of those cool shirts! yeah baby! ha ha. I'll have to take a picture of myself in it some day.

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