Monday, March 1, 2010

Wrapped around his finger

During the weekdays there is about an hour when everyone has already gone on their merry way for the day while me and Brae have a few extra moments before I take him to the bus stop. We generally spend this time talking about how he is doing (socially) in school, what he is feeling, and just general chit chat. I try to keep it light because it isn't a time for lectures or a forum in which I want to dominate. I like to hear what he has to say about his life in general, and anything that is troubling him. Some days we just talk about rocks. He likes rocks, and is always bringing me what he finds in the schoolyard during recess. He has brought me some very interesting, albeit small, rocks in the past and is quite excited to show them to me at the end of the day. I do my best to tell him what they are, but sometimes I am at a loss. Instead of getting upset with me, he usually tells me he will try and find a better piece for me to look at. This makes me smile.

Well this morning I was washing off a piece of shale when he came over to watch me. I asked him if he thought his teacher may like it, since it had some pretty nice impressions in it. His eyes lit up and he said he probably would, so I went to grab some plastic baggies to wrap the rock up. Before I knew it, Brae was bringing me paper and a pen. I was a bit puzzled, and asked him if he was wanting me to write a note to accompany the rock. I hate writing notes, but he was pretty insistent upon it, so I complied. I didn't quite know what to write, but I did my best and tucked the note in with the rock. Funny how the smallest of things can make children so happy. Brae was positively beaming. Honestly, that smile of his is worth writing a thousand notes and giving my entire rock collection away. He certainly has me wrapped around his little finger. But then, they all do at one time or another

(note: His teacher mentioned to him that they would be learning about rocks soon, hence my suggestion for sending a rock to school. I thought shale would be a good choice because the sample had an enormous amount of plant impressions and could be used in showing what happens with heat and pressure etc etc. It's a 2nd/3rd grade class.)



Silver Fox said...

A future geologist, perhaps!

Cannibal Panda said...

Possibly. :) What surprises me more is his older sister- she usually acts like it's painful when I drag her along with me, but one day mentioned she wanted to do something along the lines of Geology. (I'll post about our trip to the Badlands today if I can, it was a lot of fun -albeit cold).

I have noticed that geology tends to run in families (similar to the way doctors do) so if one of them chooses Geology I wouldn't be surprised. I just want them to do whatever makes them happy. Sometimes my love for the field is a tad contagious; key is for them to find what they love and go with it.