Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This and that.

     I hadn't been keeping up on my blog for a considerable amount of time, mainly due to not really having much to say. Most of anything I had to say just ended up being trite. I really do not know how prolific bloggers and twitter(er)s manage to do it. I'm not certain if I am admitting that I lead such a dull life that bore even myself, or that I just have nothing pertinent to discuss. Either way, it would appear I need to probably become more social. (Where do people find the time, really?).

     We have moved (yet again) to Texas, and I am told it will be for a long enough time that I should be able to finally graduate. Yea! However, these constant moves can really get on your nerves. It's almost impossible to have friends, as by the time you get your bearings you're on the move again. But it IS quite nice to be back in Texas again. While I miss hiking in Rainier park, I love the sun more! The excessive rain of the PNW was starting to really eat at me. 

     Besides all of that, I suppose I need to fix the mess of missing graphics on this blog at some point..but that's a task for another day. :)


Silver Fox said...

Maybe you're just too busy! I've had a much harder time this year than previous years - so maybe things like this just go in waves.

Glad you're back in Texas! :)

Manish said...

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