Thursday, February 18, 2010

Go figure

So today I was actually less distracted than usual and actually remembered I had a doctors appointment. Being as my general habit is to not remember until 30 minutes prior to the appointment, I was pretty happy to be on top of things (for today at least). I show up about 30 minutes early with plans to just fiddle with my iphone apps while I wait, and discovered the doctor is running 30 minutes late. (Why can't this happen on the days I am running late? ugh!). No biggie though, more time to play. I sat down and was exploring the GeologyWA/OR app, looking at the geologic map and getting information about the local members (mostly alluvium, landslide/lahar, andesite, till and moraine). I found what I was looking for (an olivine-rich vesicular basalt) and went to find the layers that would expose a route to a good collection site. As I played around, I found a good route and destination that I "thought" would be perfect. Happy and very satisfied with myself, I notice the "terrain" layer and activate it while deactivating the geology layer. I went back to the map and as the picture came up all I see is the Goliath!

Now I should have known this was in that location, but I had been so engrossed in the layers and manipulating the map that I hadn't taken note of the map scale in relation to the members I was looking at. I let out an expletive in my frustration (as I'm not tackling that Mt. in winter, nor the general vicinity). -I looked up to see a poor little old man sitting adjacent to me that I hadn't notice sit down, and he had apparently been watching me play with the map , but my language shocked him and I felt pretty embarrassed.  Luckily it was at that moment the nurse called me back, so with a sheepish grin I made a hasty escape! ;0)

Looks like that sample will definitely be a spring/summer collection. On the flip side though, I discovered that there is interbedded arkosic and basaltic sandstone not too far away. I bet that is stunning! I have to say I love this little app, as the geologic map combined with the layers is awesome. I downloaded a few extra layers that were available, such as public lands and geodetic points. If you don't have this app, I think it's well worth the buy- as I find it one of the more useful apps out there. I'd like to use something similar to it on the PC too- just to search out areas and then upload them into my iphone as far as planned paths/routes I want to take. Hmm.. maybe I'll email the dev. about that and see if it can be in an update.


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